Share your Video Web Call Links via Internal Messaging


The internal messaging system allows you to chat with guest visitors in real time. Incorporated in both Single Web Call and Group Web Call systems you can share your video web call links with other guest visitors. Should you have any problems sharing your web call link with colleagues, family or friends, the messaging system allows you to instantly send your link to any visitor on our website.

The internal messenger system also allows real time text chat, file sharing, smilies and Youtube video posting. It works on a one to one (person to person) basis. It also makes it possible to join other video web calls from visitors outside of your contact list, opening a more public chat system.

How to access the internal messenger system

At the bottom of any video web call, you will find a “Login” box as seen below:

Enter a username, it can be anything that your contacts will know you by and click “Log in”.

When you have logged in you will find that the box has now been replaced with the following:

On desktops:

On mobile:

Click the plus sign or tap the profiles icon to open the internal messenger.

You will then see a list of usernames:

Click or tap a username to start a messenger chat session:

To avoid harassment or unwanted messages, you need to accept any incoming messages and can accept, deny or block a user.